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About Us

Hope International with its team of dedicated professionals and a long experience of developing text books has credit of reaching millions of school children all over the country. Each book is carefully wirtten, designed, professionally edited and tested. They do not merely offer factual information but also provide interactive space for children.

Hope International, supported by a strong team of professionals, academicians, authors, subject matter expert and editors, aspires to bring a positive change in the life of every student to prepare them for a bright future. Each book offers latest method of teaching to meet the challenges of imparting education and ways to sustain the culturat values which will certainly develop a wholesome personality of a child.

Hope International has the privileged opportunity to offer this catalogue for the current academic session which shall meet the requirements of the NCERT framework and CCE approach. It shall certainly be appreciated by the teachers as well as the students. Any valuable suggestions are always welcome which shall be acknowledged with gratitude and incorporated in the future editions.

Let us join hands in our mission to make education an integral part of every child's life and make our society move towords enlightenment of mind and soul.

Education is a rope that can carry us to greatness. It is one of the greatest things in life. Without education one cannot contribute to the world or to one’s own welfare. Knowledge is power. So, when you know what you can do, you can go that mile future.

Role of Books in education is known by everybody. Books improve one’s communication skills by teaching one how to talk and carry oneself in the society. Books shape one’s character and makes one aware of the world all around.

Hope International feels it a privileged opportunity to publish text books for the young learners. Every care is taken right from the conceptualization to the final printing and effective distribution of the books, so that it can be easily available in every part of the country.

We at Hope International shall be obliged to have your helping hand in our mission to take every child of our country from darkness to light, from ignorance a successful and prosperous life.